Matisse Class

Welcome to Matisse Class. Our class is a mixed year 2/3 class and our teacher is Mrs Wootton. This year we have lots of exciting topics to find out about and some fantastic trips to look forward to which will help to bring our topics to life.

Our class is named after the famous French artist, Matisse who was known for his use of colour. In our artwork, we will be finding out about Matisse and having a go at creating artwork in the style that he used.

Our first class topic of the year is called Victorians. During this topic we will be finding out all about what life was like for children in Victorian times and comparing it to our lives today. After half term, we will be having a visit to Osborne house where the children will
be involved in a workshop allowing them to experience first-hand what life would have been like during Victorian times.

During the second half of the Autumn term we be focusing on science and exploring materials and how they are used. In design and technology we will be able to do some cooking to have a closer look at how materials can change when they come together.

In the first half of the spring term, we have a geography focused topic which will involve looking closely at our local area. We will do lots of map work and using our fieldwork skills we will investigate the features of Brading and then look more broadly at the Isle of
Wight, looking in particular at the features of an Island and what it is like living here. We also have a visit to Pizza Express to look forward to on Tuesday 13th March.

In the first second of the spring term our topic will be history based again. We are going to look at the Romans, how they lived and the impact they had on life today. We will be able to go and visit the Roman Villa so that the children can get a clear idea about how
life in Roman times would have been much different to today.

In the first half of the Summer term, we will be thinking further afield and focus on South America. We will look in particular at rainforests and the animals that live in them. We will find out about how important trees and rainforests are and think about the effect of
cutting down forests. We will also learn about earthquakes and volcanoes and look at why and where these take place.

For our last topic, which is science based, the children will be learning all about themselves. We will think about what living things need in order to be able to grow and will think about the best ways to keep fit and healthy. We will take a closer look at the human body and think about how our bodies work.


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