Monet Class

Monet Class is a mixed year 4/5 class and our teacher is Mrs Wheeler. Our class is named after the famous French artist, Claude Monet, who painted in the ‘impressionist’ style. In our artwork, we will be finding out about Monet and other impressionist painters and we will be having a go at painting landscapes in this style.

Our first class topic of the year is called Victorians and, as the name suggests, we will be finding out about how life in Britain has changed since Victorian times. We will be looking at Victorian artefacts and how Victorian inventions have changed our lives. We are looking forward to finding out about classic writers, such as Dickens and looking at artefacts which give us an insight into crime and punishments in Victorian times. We are hoping to have a Drama and Dressing-up Day to support our learning.

Our second topic in the autumn term will focus on some of our science topics. We are calling it: ‘Living Things and their Habitats’. We will investigate how plants grow and reproduce and hopefully growing some plants of our own. We will be experimenting to find out what plants need to germinate and grow well. In addition, we will also be investigating lifecycles and using the vocabulary associated with this topic. We will link this to our understanding of habitats and environments.

In the first half of the spring term, we have a geography focused topic: ‘The Amazing Amazon and Us’. We will be using a variety of map reading skills including: identifying continents; researching different countries; looking at different environments and looking at key physical and human features. We will compare life in the Amazon Basin to life on the Isle of Wight – looking at differences in plants, animals, weather and physical geography. We are intending to develop our understanding of life as an explorer and use our understanding in writing diary entries as well as non-chronological reports.

In the second half of the spring term, we will be focusing on science: ‘The Earth and Beyond’. We are looking forward to investigating life in space and what we would need to do to train to be an astronaut.  We will be looking at the different planets and where they are in the Solar System. We are hoping to try some food that astronauts eat and using our imaginations to create a new planet.  We will be looking at reasons for going into space and suggesting what attributes an astronaut might need to have.

The summer term is always a fun time! We are going to find out about the Ancient Mayan Civilisation. We will investigate what we know about the Mayans and the artefacts that show this. We will compare the life of people in Ancient Maya and our lives today. We are really looking forward to finding out about their discovery of chocolate! We are hoping to use chocolate to make some interesting and exciting recipes and products to try!

The last half term of the summer term will be busy with Sports Day and lots of outdoor activities. To enjoy being outside, we will be spending time studying rivers and we are hoping to do a field study of a local river. We will be looking at why people have often settled near rivers and the advantages and possible disadvantages of this. We will look at the physical aspects of how rivers change over time and how flooding can dramatically affect people. We will use our atlas skills to find famous rivers and will make comparisons between rivers in different places in the world.

In addition, RE will be taught through RE days. We have found that we can really develop our understanding when we work on a topic for the whole day.


Monet Class
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