Banksy Class

Banksy Class is made up of all Year 6 children and our teacher is Mrs Boakes. Our class is named after the famous English artist, Banksy, who is an urban artist. In our artwork, we will be finding out about Banksy and other urban artists and we will be having a go at street art in that style.

Our first class topic of the year is called Mighty Monarchs and we will be finding out about the past monarchs of Britain. We will find out who was King or Queen and investigate the Victorian times in more detail. We are looking forward to finding out about the monarchs and we are hoping to have a Drama and Dressing Up Day to support our learning.

Our second topic in the autumn term will focus on some of our science topics. We are focusing on electricity. We will investigate what electricity is and the different ways to make it. We will carry out investigations using circuits and learn how to draw the circuits using symbols.

In the first half of the spring term, we have a geography focused topic: Fruit and Vegetables. We will be focusing on Fair trade and the reasons behind Fair trade. The children will learn about where the different fruits and vegetables come from and the distance that some of them travel to reach our homes. We will find out about the farmers involved in Fair trade and what the benefits are.

In the second half of the spring term, we will be focusing on science and the topic is Humans. We will learn about the circulatory system and the function of the human organs. We will investigate the skeleton of a human and find if there are any links to other animals in the world.

The summer term is always a fun time! We are going to find out about the history of the Mayan people. We will learn about their culture, settlement and lifestyle. We will take part in their traditional game and learn how this compares to modern Britain.

The last half term of the summer term will be busy with Sports Day and lots of outdoor activities. To enjoy being outside, we will be spending time studying deserts. We will locate them across the world and then create information booklets on the information found. We will also discover some wonderful and exciting animals that have adapted to survive in that environment.

In addition, RE will be taught through RE days. We have found that we can really develop our understanding when we work on a topic for the whole day.