Maple Class

Maple Class is made up of Year 5 and Year 6 children and our teacher is Mr Barnes. Our class is named after the Maple tree that is found in many Asian countries.

Our first class topic of the year is called Invaders and we will be finding out about who invaded Britain. We will learn about their lifestyle, homes and jobs. They are famous for their raids and the impact of those raids.

Our second topic in the autumn term will focus on some of our science topics. We are focusing on electricity. We will investigate what electricity is and the different ways to make it. We will carry out investigations using circuits and learn how to draw the circuits using symbols.

In the first half of the spring term, we have a geography focused topic: Explorers. We will be focusing on Shackleton’s race to the pole. We will learn to read a map and use an Atlas to locate the countries. We will focus on the feelings of the men involved and the reasons for attempting such a dangerous journey.

In the second half of the spring term, we will be focusing on science and the topic is Evolution and inheritance. We will learn about how things have changed over time and use science to explain the adaptions that have occurred to plants and animals.

The summer term is always a fun time! We are going to find out about the. WW2-‘Battle of Britain’. We will learn about the various countries involved and the impact on the people and places. We will focus on the propaganda and role of the people involved.

The last half term of the summer term will be busy with Sports Day and lots of outdoor activities. To enjoy being outside, we will be spending time learning about Mighty Mountains. We will learn about the human and physical side of mountains.

In addition, RE will be taught through RE days. We have found that we can really develop our understanding when we work on a topic for the whole day.