Events and Activities - Entries Sept to Nov 2014

Europe Class - Pizza making experience

Half of Europe Class enjoyed a trip to Pizza Express today (Tuesday 18th November).

We experienced life as a chef and learnt about the ingredients that are needed to make a pizza. The children loved the session and enjoyed the experience.

Asia Class’s RE Day - Wedding Day Report

In Year 4 we had an RE Day in the first half term of this year and we had a great time. We went to Brading’s church and the Rev Dru helped us to learn about getting married in a Christian church.

We all had a part to play in the ceremony and Annie and Brandon were the bride and groom. When we came back to school, we learnt about a Jewish wedding.

Jewish couples get married under a canopy near their synagogue ( Jewish church) and they have at least 10 men at the wedding. Both marriages include rings and signing a legal document but during the Jewish wedding ceremony the groom crashes a glass and grinds the fragments into the ground to symbolise how fragile marriage can be and that it can be easily broken.

At school, we also designed wedding cakes and wedding dresses and we had a go at writing wedding invitations. The invitations were hard to write because they had to be very formal.

 Wedding Day - Asia Class at the Church

Wedding Rings

Arctic Class Science Experiment for Pink and Blue Day.
We watched an exploding paint bag and predicted what would happen to a marshmallow if we put one in it. We then tested it to see if our predictions were right.


Arctic Class Nature Walk
We went on with pre-school. We found signs of Autumn, matching the colours to our own colour charts and the sorted them into groups when we got back to school.