PE & Sport Premium Funding 

What is PE and Sports Premium?

The sport premium is allocated to schools in order to improve the provision of PE and School Sport, and ensure that pupils may lead healthier lifestyles. Brading Primary received approximately £8000.


Enhancing PE: £2510.00

After School Clubs: £395.00

Equipment: £ 3590.00

Gifted and Talented programme: £101.50

Competitions: £1075.00

CPD: £328.50


Brading Primary has used the funding to make additional and sustainable improvements to the quality of PE and sport we offer.

In the 2016/17 academic year, children at Brading have participated in the recommended 2 hours of PE a week through the following activities:

  • Cricket for the whole of KS2 to learn the skills by a specialist coach and take part in the Chance to Shine programme.
  • Transport to the sporting events and competitions.
  • Level 2 competition through the PSSC provision in Sportshall Athletics and Tag Rugby
  • Cricket festival involving KS2
  • Whole school pupil PE survey
  • Orienteering for KS1 and KS2 – either on the school grounds or Appley Park, Ryde.
  • Sailing provided by UKSA for year 6
  • BikeTrax for the whole school
  • Scooter skills for KS1 and KS2
  • Additional swimming (not part of curriculum programme)
  • Wide variety of after school clubs:
    • Athletics
    • Cricket
    • Multi-skills
    • Ball skills

The impact of spending 2016/17 on Sport Premium

  • Field was marked with a 4 lane track that enabled the children to correctly run in lanes and a relay. Continued success from last year, with a large turnout of parents/carers for the sports day.
  • One child identified as being Gifted and Talented in year 5/6.They participated in the sports identification at Sandown Bay Academy and achieved a silver award.
  • Three children identified in years 3 and 4 as being Gifted and Talented. They participated in the sports identification as Sandown Bay Academy.
  • More girls are participating in sport during break and lunchtimes due to the equipment that has been purchased and encouraged by the new sports leaders.
  • At the competitions the school with the Baylink cluster are now moving up the rankings. Children are arriving feeling confident and knowledgeable of the sport.
  • Children are able to access a wider range of sporting activities, due to the Sports Premium money being available. More engagement from the pupils.
  • Links with Sustrans and the continued work on raising the pupils time that they are active – arriving to school on their scooter is now actively encouraged and the application for the Grant to sustain the pupils engagement in the travel to school by bike and scooter is completed and ready to submit when the time arises.


Predicted spend for 2017/18


Brading CE Primary propose to spend Sports Funding by:

Enhancing PE: £4900

Equipment: £1500

Gifted and Talented: £150

After School clubs: £500

CPD: £100

Competitions: £850


As a result of the continued CPD within the school and using the sports funding, Brading is sustainable for the future as we have a fully trained member of staff, who can deliver first quality teaching and up-skill other members of staff. The equipment that has been purchased through the funding has enabled us to fulfill the curriculum and beyond; with other schools borrowing it for their school.