New Zealand Class

Welcome to New Zealand Class. This year all of our classes are named after islands. Our class is a year 2 class and our teachers are Mrs Wootton and Mrs Rackett. This year we have lots of exciting topics to find out about and some fantastic trips to look forward to which will help to bring our topics to life. Mrs Wootton will be teaching all day Monday, Tuesday and half of Wednesday and Mrs Rackett will be teaching the other half of Wednesdays, all day Thursday and Friday.

Our first class topic of the year is called London’s Burning. We will be looking in particular at the events of the Great Fire of London. We will be going on a trip to a local fire station. To link in with this we will read books about the Great Fire of London and we will also be looking at traditional tales. In Science, we will design products and test them to see if they are waterproof. The second part of the autumn term will be focused on heroes from the past and present. We will design a pilot’s outfit and continue our exploration of materials through investigation.

In the first half of the spring term, we will be exploring the island of New Zealand and comparing it to the Isle of Wight. We will think about what we like and don’t like about where we live and talk about why. We will then compare our local area to New Zealand and explore all of the similarities and differences. We will make and try popular foods from New Zealand.

In the second half of the spring term the children will be going on a virtual journey to the tropical rainforest. They are going to make their own mini gardens and go on a trip to the Botanical Gardens to explore plants from around the world. They’ll also consider how they can protect rainforests and read stories linked to this.

In the first half of the summer term, we will be thinking about how life has changed in the last 60 years. We will talk to the older generation about what life used to be like and look at artefacts from each of the decades.

For our last topic, which is Science based, the children will go out and about and explore their local area. They’ll do lots of work on habitats and microhabitats and think about where living can be found and why. They will also design and make some bug hotels.

We will continue to teach RE concepts during RE days, where the class will spend a day focussing on a concept and carry out a variety of art, DT and literacy activities to deepen children’s understanding and to encourage them to ask and answer questions.


New Zealand Class
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