Malta Class


Malta Class is a class of Year 3 children and will be taught by Miss Silk. 

In the Autumn Term, our topics will be ‘Stone age to Iron age’ and ‘Crazy Climate Zones and Wild Water Cycles’. We will be finding out about life in both the Stone age and Iron age periods. We will then be using comparative language to compare these historical periods. We will learn to sequence events or artefacts and where Stone age and Iron age come in a chronological timeline of events. In our ‘Crazy Climate Zones and Wild Water Cycles’ topic, we will be finding out about climate zones and how the water cycle works. We will then be finding out how to describe and understand key aspects of physical geography and will use geographical language linked to the topic. We will learn to use the contents and index to locate pages quickly and accurately in an atlas and identify the different climate zones.

In the Spring Term, our topics will be ‘Pharaohs and Mummies’ and ‘Countries and Cities Pioneers’. In the first topic we will be learning about ancient civilisations and will be looking at representations of the period including museum artefacts. We will be learning how to use a wide range of sources to find out about this period of time and how to use vocabulary to analyse and evaluate the sources we find. In our second topic, we will be looking at Countries and Cities in the UK with a particular focus on London. We will be focusing on analysing evidence and draw conclusions in order to make comparisons on different countries and cities.

In the Summer Term, our topics will be ‘Huge Hills and Mighty Mountains’ and ‘The Victorians’. The children will find out about hills and mountains in the first topic and will gain an understanding of human geography. We will collect and record evidence and learn how to use more detailed field sketches. In the final topic, we will be focusing on the era of ‘The Victorians’. The children will learn about the everyday lives of people in this period and will compare this with our lives today. We will study change through the life of significant individuals and will understand the Victorians as a local historical study.

Please find more details in the attached planning overview. Each half term, children will receive a learning journey so that parents can support learning at home.

Malta Class
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