Malta Class


Malta class consists of Year 3 and will be taught by Mrs Wheeler. Malta’s classroom is in the main school building.

In the Autumn Term, our topics will be ‘Romans Rule!’ and ‘Beautiful Brazil’. We will be investigating the Roman Villas on the Island and exploring life in Roman times. We will then be making comparisons between life in Brazil and life in the UK and looking at the geographical features of Brazil. In both topics, we will be exploring the art and culture linked to the historical and geographical themes.

In the Spring Term, our topics will be ‘Victorian inventions’ and ‘Environment Detectives’. In the first of these topics, we will be looking at some of the greatest Victorian inventions, such as photography, and the impact they made on the people of that time. In our second topic of the term, we will be investigating plants and habitats and making comparisons with another European country - the island our class is named after – Malta.

In the Summer Term, our topics will be ‘Pharaohs and Mummies’ and ‘Raging Rivers and Craggy Coasts’. The children will find out about the ancient civilization of Egypt and become Egyptian writers of hieroglyphics and create their own museum. In our last topic of the year, we will be investigating a local river and our amazing coastline. We will explore the rocks and fossil types of our environment and discover their different properties.

Please find more details in the attached planning overview. Each half term, children will receive a learning journey so that parents can support learning at home.

Malta Class
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