Galapagos Class

Galapagos class is a class of Year 4 children and is taught by Miss Peasley supported by Miss Gulliver.

In the Autumn Term, our topics will be ‘Extreme Earth’ and ‘Viking Invaders’. We will be finding out about extreme environments such as volcanoes and earthquakes. We will then be making comparisons between familiar aspects of physical geography and these extreme and diverse places. We will learn how these environments are formed and how they affect the people living near them. In our ‘Viking Invaders’ topic, we will look back at this period of history and we will make comparisons with Modern Britain. We will look at aspects of archaeology and evidence that has been found from the past. We will look at key events and features and evaluate different sources.

In the Spring Term, our topics will be ‘Ancient Greeks’ and ‘Canada and Us’. In the first of these topics, we will be looking the ancient civilisation and making comparisons with our life today. We will investigate cultural differences and look at the chronology of the period. In our second topic of the term, we will be finding out about Canada and its culture, diversity and environment. We will make comparisons between the country of Canada and Britain.

In the Summer Term, our topics will be ‘The Blitz’ and ‘Jurassic Coastline’. The children will find out about World War 2 and look closely at artefacts from this period. We will look closely at rationing and the evacuation of children from cities to the country. We will make links between events and use the vocabulary linked to this period of history in our explanations. In our last topic of the year, we will be building on our understanding of physical geography and our map skills. We will look closely at our local coastline and how it has changed over time. We will link this to our understanding of rivers as well as the water cycle.

Please find more details in the attached planning overview. Each half term, children will receive a learning journey so that parents can support learning at home.