Galapagos Class

Welcome to Galapagos!  Galapagos consists of Year 4 children and is taught by Miss Baker, supported by Mrs Eastman.

In the Autumn Term our topics are ‘Welcome to Brading’ and ‘From Russia With Love’.  During these topics we will first be exploring the history of Brading, looking at how it has developed over time and comparing the local area ‘then’ and ‘now’.  Next we will examine the vast country of Russia, finding out about the geography, history and culture of such a varied people and landscape.

In the Spring we will be diving into the past.  Delving into the fascinating developments in our history that occurred from the Stone Age to the Iron Age in our ‘Time Team’ topic, we will explore just how much life in Britain advanced in that time.  After that we will go onto explore our namesake islands: the Galapagos.  We will be looking in detail at the history of these islands, the amazingly diverse array of plant and animal life they support, the changes currently taking place and the outlook for Galapagos’ future.

Summer Term will see us exploring the ancient civilisation of the Indus, Pakistan, in our topic ‘Incredible Indus’.  Finally, we will be studying what it is that makes a successful city in our ‘Design-a-City’ topic, becoming inventors and town planners to create cities of their own.

Please find more details in the attached planning overview. Each half term, children will receive a learning journey so that parents can support learning at home.