Iceland Class


Iceland class consists of Years 5 and 6 and will be taught by Mr Barnes and Mr Bosworth. Y5 will be taught by Mr Bosworth and Y6 will be taught by Mr Barnes in the morning. Mr Barnes' Y6 morning class will be called Reykjavik and have a base in the main school. Mr Barnes will take all of Year 5 and 6 in the afternoon back in the Iceland Mobile. Learning will be supported by Mrs Cooney, Mrs Hetfield and Miss Strickland.
In the Autumn Term, our topics will be 'Welcome to Brading' and 'From Russia with Love'. A package of work has been put together to allow the children to explore the history of Brading and how it has changed and developed over time. We will then go on to explore the history, geography and culture of the gigantic country of Russia.
In the Spring Term, our topics will be 'Time Team' and 'Land of Fire and Ice'. In these topics we will look at the changes in Britain that occurred from the Stone Age to the Iron Age and the history, geography and culture of the Island that our class is named after - Iceland.
In the Summer Term, our topics will be 'Incredible Indus' and 'Design-a-City'. The children will be transported to Pakistan  to explore this ancient civilization and the become town planners to explore what make a successful city before designing their own. 
Please find more detail in the attached planning overview. Each half term, you will receive a breakdown of the learning so that you can support your children in their learning.

In addition, RE will be taught through RE days. We have found that we can really develop our understanding when we work on a topic for the whole day.