Hawaii Class

Miss Ward is the teacher in Hawaii class.  The class is supported by Miss Broad and Miss Strickland. 

In Autumn 1 our topic will be Knights vs Dragons.  To start the topic we will be going on a dragon quest to find the hidden dragons at the school and finishing our topic with a medieval feast.  Along the learning journey, we will consider what armour a knight used, traditional tales that involved knights and dragons and what life was like in medieval times.  In Autumn 2 we will be starting our space topic.  To start the topic, the classroom will be transformed into our universe where the children can look at the different planets within our solar system.  We will finish the topic by creating and displaying the solar system.  The children will be journeying from the Earth’s surface high into the skies above us and using non-fiction books to explore this further. 

In Spring 1 our topic will be animals.  Our start of the topic will include the children dressing up as their favourite animal and sharing what they know about that animal.  To end the topic, the children will be visited by a zookeeper to talk about how the animals live.  Throughout the topic, the children will be considering how different animals live, what they need to live and designing their own animal.  In Spring 2, we will be exploring minibeasts.  We will start the topic with a bug hunt in the outside areas in school and will end the topic with designing their own minibeasts to live in a new habitat.  On our learning journey, the children will be thinking about climate and seasonal changes and how this affects us. 

In Summer 1 we will be looking at people who help us.  We will start the topic by visiting a lifeboat and talking about how they help people.  We will finish our topic by having an art gallery to display the children’s drawings of real-life superheroes.  Throughout the journey the children will be thinking about significant people in history who have helped us.  In Summer 2, the topic will be pirates.  The children will start the topic by creating boats to virtually visit the different continents, the topic will finish with children considering which materials would make the most effective boat and testing these out.  Throughout the topic the children will explore the continents, countries and oceans of the world.