Literacy in KS1 and KS2


In KS1 the children continue with a dedicated phonic session once a day.  Spellings are also introduced and all writing activities are planned through different genres and linked to learning in other areas such as History or Geography.  Guided reading sessions are used to teach children the skills and knowledge they need to improve their reading.

In KS2 the children's learning will have a greater emphasis on spelling, punctuation and grammar.  Handwriting and presentation skills for their work are taught.  Once again, genres in writing are linked to all other areas of the curriculum and there are regular, planned guided reading and comprehension lessons.

All children at Brading CE Primary have access to a range of technology to enhance and support their literacy learning; from reading interactive stories on an i-pad to recording their work using a notebook.

Speaking and Listening is an important part of literacy work; the children will take part in role play activities, presentations, debates and assemblies.