Science at Brading

Our motto at Brading CE Primary School is that we are a team that trust each other. The Science curriculum is completely reflective of this motto; we aim to provide pupils with the opportunities to work together in order to find answers to questions asked by staff and the pupils themselves. In order to achieve this we need to trust that no question is too big or small to be asked.

We aim to deliver the National Curriculum in a way that is imaginative and purposeful, enabling the pupils to develop and extend their scientific working and encouraging them to ask deeper questions about the world around them.

The National Curriculum breaks Science down into 3 main areas: Biology, Chemistry and Physics with working scientifically underpinning all. Lessons inspire pupils to experiment and investigate the world around them and helps them to raise their own questions such as ‘Why…?’, ‘How…?’ and ‘What if….?’.  Science teaching helps build upon skills taught in other subject areas such as Literacy, mathematics and ICT, enabling us to provide effective links across the curriculum.