You Said, We Did

You wanted Parent Workshops so you knew how to help your child in Maths & Literacy.
WE DID A Reading & Phonics session was held on 13 May, and a Maths session was held on 18 June.  Please see our Resources page for details of the presentations and details of the Feedback from these sessions.
YOU SAID You wanted Year 1 children to be able to attend After School Clubs
WE DID Year 1's have been invited since January 2015
YOU SAID You wanted more swimming sessions
WE DID Provide information and half price vouchers for sessions being held at The Heights Leisure Centre in Sandown.
YOU SAID You wanted more sessions for the family to be involved
WE DID We have held a number of sessions this school year including Author visits, Lunches, Build a Space ship, Egyptian Museum, KS2 Poetry Evening.
YOU SAID You wanted more opportunities to see your child's work.
WE DID In addition to the termly parent sessions with your child's teacher, you can now come in and see their work (and their teacher if you want to) on a Monday after school between 3-3.15pm
YOU SAID You wanted to get the children involved in Carnivals.
WE DID Provide the opportunity to be involved in the Ryde Mardi Gras Carnival, where you made costumes and accessories to be worn by those taking part.
YOU SAID You wanted the opportunity for those starting in Reception class to come into school in September just prior to starting their first day at "big school".
WE DID An open day is planned in September 2015 for those children affected.
YOU SAID From feedback at the Reading & Phonics session you wanted to see a similar session planned for those in Reception & KS1 earlier in the school year.
WE DID This will be planned in the new school year starting September 2015.
YOU SAID You wanted a map of the school to be included in the New starters Induction pack so they knew where to locate key areas of the school.
WE DID We have produced a map and this is also available on the school website.