Meet the staff team

Headteacher Mrs Beverley Gilbert
Assistant Headteacher Mrs Mandy Wheeler
School Business Manager Mrs Donna Stubbs
Inclusion Lead Miss Clare Matson
Teaching and Learning Lead Mrs Beryl Miller
Administrator Miss Eliza Hughes
Admin Assistant Miss Casey Larner
Family Liaison Officer Mrs Jo Willshire


Zig Zag (EYFS)

Teacher: Mrs Nicola Lacey (Sports Lead)

Learning Support: Mrs Linda Doel, Miss Victoria Savage, Miss Charlotte Rowley, Miss Ella Fincham and Miss Ele Jacobs


Maldives (Year 1)

Teacher: Mrs Alison Attwell (Arts Lead)

Learning Support: Mrs Rachel Powell


New Zealand (Year 2)

Teachers: Mrs Rachel Wootton (Science Lead) & Mrs Louise Rackett (Maths Lead)

Learning Support: Mrs Rebecca Chambers

GTP Student: Miss Shannen Ward


Malta (Year 3)

Teacher: Mrs Mandy Wheeler (Literacy and Humanities Lead)

GTP Student: Miss Anna Welsh


Galapagos (Year 4)

Teacher: Miss Samantha Baker

Learning Support: Mrs Karen Eastman (AMs)


Iceland (Year 5)

Teacher: Mrs Kristy Skelley (Arts Lead)

Learning Support: Miss Gabi Strickland


Reykjavik (Year 6)

Teacher: Mr Nic Barnes (Computing, MFL and RE Lead)

Learning Support: Mrs Lynsey Hetfield and Sally Cooney


Hawaii (Provision)

Teacher: Mr Neal Bosworth (Cultural Capital Lead)

Learning Support: Mrs Allison Larner, Mrs Liz Porter, Miss Paige Woodward, Miss Rosie Gray and Miss Ruby Greaves


Support across the school

Mrs Cris Reed

Mrs Karen Eastman (PMs)

Mrs Rebecca Chambers


Site Staff

Mr Justin Earley (Site Manager)

Miss Belle Earley (Cleaner)

Miss Fleur Earley (Cleaner)




There are currently no trade union officials at Brading Primary.