Skills and Progression


  • Trips offered to enhance curriculum and understanding.
  • Secure chronological knowledge of local, national and world history.
  • Wide range of resources available to deepen children’s curiosity relevant to their topic.
  • Use of cross-curricular activities.
  • From year 1 upwards, the children will extend their knowledge from living history to ancient civilizations.
  • Children will understand how primary and secondary sources are used to understand historical events.



  • Wide range of relevant vocabulary displayed in classroom to be used by children in their work.
  • In weekly planned lessons; cross curricular activities, including computing, to allow children to answer their own questions about the topic.
  • In EYFS, a range of fiction and non-fiction books will be shared to explore the changes that have happened over time to impact their lives today.
  • All classes will use a range of artefacts, books and online resources to support the interests and understanding of the children.
  • Each year group to focus on different eras of history to provide a varied study of periods in history throughout the school.



  • Knowledge of wide range of vocabulary which they can use confidently.
  • Children can share their new-found knowledge from the cross-curricular activities and research sessions (particularly in KS2).
  • Children’s natural curiosity is ignited which will help their enthusiasm for learning.
  • In EYFS, they will use the reading of books to explore children’s inquisitiveness about the life they have today.
  • When the children leave Brading, they will understand how historical events have impacted their lives.
  • Children will have a deeper understanding of the world of work relating to history e.g. archaeology.