Skills and Progression


  • Children will focus on four main areas throughout their time at Brading including: locational knowledge; place knowledge; human and physical geography; geography skills and fieldwork.
  • Children will have a wide range of topic specific vocabulary.
  • Trips will be used to help the children observe and investigate their local area.
  • Cross-curricular lessons to be planned and taught.



  • Long term planning will include three geography topics that will be taught weekly with an exhilarating hook and outcome, pre-planned to engage the children.
  • Display boards to be used in every classroom to present topic specific vocabulary.
  • One trip will be planned per topic to deepen the children’s understanding.
  • The use of cross curricular activities to link with all subjects; specifically computing (to explore a variety of maps) and PE (to use map and fieldwork skills to support orienteering).



  • Children achieve a deeper understanding of all areas of the geography curriculum; with geographical skills being built on and extended yearly.
  • Children will be confident in using geographical terms within their writing and speech.
  • Children can use their trips to investigate the world of work linked with geographical careers.
  • Children can use their geographical knowledge and skills to support their curiosity and learning in all curricular areas.