New Zealand Class

Welcome to New Zealand Class at Brading CE Primary School!

New Zealand is a class of Year 2 Children taught by Miss Steven and supported by
Miss Mitchell. We’re really looking forward to teaching the new Year 2 class and have
an exciting learning journey for the year ahead. We have lots of trips and events
planned to ensure plenty of opportunities for wonder and curiosity.

In New Zealand class, we believe that learning should build on the children’s ever
growing curiosity of the world around them and we have a great mix of topics and
hooks to captivate your child’s imagination. Our school values play an important role
in our classroom. We are not just individuals, we are a team that trusts each other
because together everyone achieves more.

In Autumn 1, we will be exploring our ‘Wonderful World’, working together to
investigate the continents and oceans. We will identify seasonal and daily weather
patterns in the UK and the location of hot and cold areas of the world in relation to
the North and South Poles. We will be able to use key geographical vocabulary to
demonstrate our understanding as we set sail sending messages in bottles around
the world.

Autumn 2 promises regal excitement as we look into the world of castles and knights,
working together to answer the question ‘Were castles an effective way to protect a
monarch?’. To spark the children’s interest, I’ll spend the day as a Queen to kick start
our medieval journey.

As we move into Spring 1, the classroom will become a habitat for an escaped animal
engaging us in our topic of ‘Sensational Safari’. We’ll be drawing on our trust and
unity to solve the mystery of whether humans help or endanger the jungle. We will
compare the UK to Kenya, looking at the animals of each country as well as the
culture, comparing our lives to a Kenyan child’s life. We will draw maps and
understand where Kenya is using atlases and globes.

Spring 2 sees us explore whether all heroes wear capes in our topics of ‘Healing
Hands’. We will compare the lives of different nurses, uncovering the stories of both
past and present heroes, emphasising the values of truth, respect, unity, sincerity and
tolerance. Significant individuals such as Florence Nightingale, Mary Seacole and
Edith Cavell will help us understand how nursing has changed throughout history
and what makes people unique and important.

In Summer 1, we’re ‘Keeping it Local’ with a scavenger hunt that will encourage pupils
to discover the wonders of their own community, fostering sincerity and tolerance. We
will explore how our local area was created and focus on how the uniqueness of
individuals helps us to have a diverse community.

Finally in Summer 2 we’re hitting the road in our topic of ‘Wheels and Wings’. We are
going to find out about the ways travel and transport has changed over time from the
Viking Longboat to the hot air balloon and modern day electric cars. We will have our
heads in the clouds exploring the different ways humans have tried to fly throughout

Here in New Zealand Class, we’re committed to nurturing not just academic growth
but also fostering a love for learning and living our school values. We’re excited to
embark on this journey of discovery with your children through our rich and
engaging curriculum.
Together, as a trusting team, this school year will be a memorable one filled with
learning, excitement, curiosity, and a whole lot of fun. I can’t wait to see what the year
has in store for us!

New Zealand Class
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