New Zealand Class

Welcome to the New Zealand Class at Brading Primary School. I'm Mr. Napier, your child's year 2 teacher, and I'm delighted to introduce you to our exciting journey through the school year.

In our New Zealand class, we believe that learning should be an adventure, and we have a fantastic lineup of topics and hooks to captivate your child's imagination. Our school values play a crucial role in our classroom environment. We are not just a class; we are a team, where "together everyone achieves more."

In Autumn 1, we'll be diving into the enchanting world of castles and knights, working together to uncover their secrets. To kick things off, I'll be donning the robes of a King to spark their interest and take them on a medieval journey.

Autumn 2 promises swashbuckling excitement as we set sail into the realm of pirates, seas, and oceans. We'll work as a team, sending messages in bottles and discovering the unity of our class.

As we move into Spring 1, we'll be uncovering the stories of heroes, both past and present, emphasizing the values of truth, respect, unity, sincerity, and tolerance. We'll challenge our pupils with thrilling codebreaking puzzles and mysteries to unlock the secrets of these remarkable individuals.

Spring 2 will see us embarking on a 'Jungle Journey,' where the classroom might just become a habitat for an escaped animal. We'll rely on each other's trust and unity to solve the mystery.

In Summer 1, we're hitting the road to explore 'travel and transport.' Expect a mini disco and a musical journey through the ages that'll have everyone moving and grooving while respecting one another's love for music.

Finally, in Summer 2, we'll 'Keep it Local' with a scavenger hunt that will encourage our pupils to discover the wonders of their own community, fostering sincerity and tolerance.

Here in New Zealand Class, we're committed to nurturing not just academic growth but also a love for learning and living our school values. With a rich and engaging curriculum, we're excited to embark on this journey of discovery with your children. Together, as a trusting team, we'll make this school year a memorable one filled with fun, exploration, and a whole lot of learning.

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