Iceland Class

Iceland class is a class of year 5 children and is taught by Mr Barnes, Mrs Cooney and supported by Mrs Trotter.

In the autumn term, our topics will be ‘Raging Romans’ and ‘River Journey’.  In ‘Raging Romans’, the children will be comparing life of a Roman soldier to the life of an Anglo-Saxon soldier.  They will also be considering how the Romans have impacted today’s society, for example, roman roads.  In the second half of the term, the topic is ‘River Journey’.  In this topic, the children will investigate the different rivers of the world and some of their key features.  They will also be looking at the features of rivers, the water cycle and how rivers are used.  We will also be focussing on using field sketches to show the direction and journey of a river. 

In the spring term, our topics will be ‘Anglo-Saxon Invaders’ and ‘Urban and Rural’.  We will be exploring what life was like during the Anglo-Saxon era for civilians and for soldiers.  We will be expanding our historical vocabulary to use specific language from the Anglo-Saxon era and also terms such as primary sources and secondary sources.  We will find out how fact and fiction can change our understanding of history through the use of the internet and stories written about the Anglo-Saxon era.  Our second topic will explore Liverpool and compare it to the Isle of Wight.  The children will consider their immediate area, Brading, and then also consider other areas of the island and how these may be more similar or different to Liverpool.  They will also be using an atlas to identify the countries of the United Kingdom and the different regions. 

In the summer term, our topics will be ‘Welcome to Brading!’ and ‘How is land used?’.  In the first topic, we will be looking at the historical development of Brading.  This will include comparing historical maps with modern maps and considering how buildings have changed.  We will use first hand observations to help our knowledge of this.  In our final topic, the children will investigate settlements and how this has affected how land is used.  They will investigate how land is used within their immediate and surrounding areas and why it is used that way. 

There are more details of each topic in the attached planning overview.  Children will also receive a learning journey each half term so their learning can be supported at home.