Maldives Class


Welcome to Maldives Class. Our class consists of year one children and our teacher is Mrs Attwell, This year we have lots of exciting topics to find out about and some exciting trips that will help to bring our cultural capital to life.

We are starting this year with a geography topic of 'Home or Away' where children will compare life in The Maldives to life on the Isle of Wight. For their outcome they will become estate agents for either place and use what they have learnt to try and convince a member of staff to move to their island.  In Autumn 2 we will be learning about the Great Fire of London and Samuel Pepys during our topic of 'Sparks and Flames.  In the Spring term we will be going on a tour of the UK to find out all about the 4 countries within the United Kingdom before deciding in which country we would most like to live and in Spring 2 we take a step back in time to learn about 'Toys from the Past', looking at the differences between toys in the Victorian period compared to now.  The first topic of the summer is 'Land Ahoy' where we will learn sea shanties and look at map and fieldwork before finishing the year with the topic of 'Fit for a Queen'.  We will be learning about Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth.

Maldives Class
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